The Origin of Marriage and Wedding Guest Favors

Originally, gifts were given by the people of the society, the upper class people through their marriages that were pretentious. This trend was from the Italian and French aristocrats. But it spreads to all categories of people and the society. The same as the trend, it was not built it had been repeated and the action of giving gifts to the wedding attendants to the wedding is not new, the only change is that they have been updated to suit the culture. The gifts were not distributed on the events but also on the unions to show the respect to the people and the individuals who have played with major part to make things happen. The marriage and union guest presents were five sugar almonds that exhibit the wishes of all of the population like longevity, fertility, happiness, wealth and health. These five things were believed to please old time’s people whose lives evolved about those five things. These items can be assured by the presence of gods of harvest, health, life, fertility and many others.

gifts for wedding guests

Such gifts indicates the wedding couple their fortune with the attendees. In these the fortune was the wealth and capability to hold the union which was sight because the social gathering symbolizing the course, the fertility for a couple looking forward to have their kids, health for being able to see and reach to the huge era for large day, happiness was subject of even as they celebrated the life continuation and reunion as they prove to be procreate. A box that is composed of Precious stones, metals and ceramic that are called as bonbonniere was given consist of sugar delicacies.  In the world of today giving the present is very common in functions that are a lot of. If the pokloni za goste na vjenčanju is of alcohol then it could be viewed as a twenty first century in which the bottles personalized with the labels printed on the additions printed together with the laser printer or the gold.

Print with the color that has changed and was not possible for quantities of gifts necessary for the marriage and union presents and anyone can do the printing in their homes by means of the printers out there. The change in the technology also assists this. The men and women who could acquire the favors or the mini bottles keep it. Color labels can be produced by it. You can merge them and are also able to scan your image. Applications are there for free or with some cost which has make design’s ability that anybody can do it. Please do not look to provide the century; it was there since the culture of mankind years. The dissimilarity is progress and diversification into gifts to add things.