Wealth is measured by heart:

Children are the building backbone of every country but sadly one-third of the newborn child may have some disabilities. Due to the family economic problem family, people cannot take care of their children. A great man called BashirDawood want to make our world free from the children illness and the children death. His company investing the many of the children takes caring homes. People can also help in these processes by funding Bashir Dawood. The Dawlance Company is the main income of Bashir Dawood and half of the income from the company was invested in charity work. Along with Bashir Dawood, Maryam Dawood is investing in the charity homes and children take care home. The objective of Bashir Dawood is to create a world with healthy children. Our charity also helps children with both physical and mental disabilities. Our company’s next goal was to create a new scientific laboratory. The main cause of creating the laboratory was to find the medicine for the unknown disease.

bashir dawood

The Bashir Dawood has started many schools all over the world and investing in the school all around the world. If you want to take part in these processes you can fund with bashir dawood Company. Our company is trying to create new homes all around the world. We are trying to create the best future for people all around the world. Our schools and homes will create the best future for children the disabilities. People all around the world can help Bashir Dawood with this process of creating the best future for children with disabilities. Our small help can make a big change in the little children’s life. The charity quality can also be developed by your helping mind. Our company will surely make healthy children all around the world in one day. Children are the backbone of our country.