All About Men’s Cologne Singapore

Did a girl in the lift you saw last week smell impressive, and now you cannot get over it? Or did your boss just enter the meeting room, and suddenly everything feels fresh? Ever wondered why?

Mens Cologne Singapore is an integral part of their wardrobe, outfits, and most importantly, our personality. It has the power to keep you in thoughts by others for not just a day or two , but years. Yes, you heard that right!

People have been obsessed with perfumes since time immemorial. Till date people use essential oils, resins, and perfumed unguents.

Perfumes Acts As An Aphrodisiac

Perfumes contains pheromones which is an element that has aphrodisiac properties. This makes someone who wears perfume (in the right way) extremely attractive to people.

Trip To Memory Lane

Be it seductive petrichor or, easing out minds with past or the smell of a particular food item will transport you to your favorite local restaurant.

While we associate scent to something which smells lovely and feels fresh and calming, it could be a prick to quite some people. More often than not we forget to associate perfumes with chemicals.

Ill effects of perfume

° Toxic chemicals can cause eye, nose and throat irritation

° It results in forgetfulness and loss of coordination

° It can cause some severe conditions like asthma and aggravate sinus.

To add final touch to our look, we wear perfume. We humans put in so much effort to make our hair, body,clothes and signature scent tops.