Clothes Reveal the Secrets of the Head of Somebody

Scriptures state that the body is the mirror of the soul. Body and soul represent the same reality. The physical body reflects this fact in the material world while the spirit reflects this fact in the spiritual world. They are the two sides of the same coin.

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Scientists also say that energy and matter are different manifestation of the same reality. It is said that the bulk of a matter is only the energy trapped in the space and time and energy is only the mass  that is liberated beyond the space and time.

When a child is born, he’s got the pure spirit and the nude body. However, as he grows, he’s made to wear fabrics on his body to pay part of their body. In precisely the exact same manner the soul of the individual also gets covered by the rationale and beliefs of the society that slowly fills his mind.

The fabrics are, therefore, closely linked to the mind of this guy. We can understand the mind of the individual from the fabrics as fabrics covers the body in exactly the exact same way as the brain covers the soul.

Uniforms for Uniformity

Most people in a civilized society wear uniforms at some point of their lives. The majority of us have attended our schools in uniforms. The practice of asking the young people to wear uniform is a result of the need for the society to inculcate uniform values and create uniform ideas in the mind in most children. Most children in college have, therefore, quite similar notions.

In schools, the uniform is lost in favour of the trendy cloths in studio ghibli store as the society needs the grown-up individuals to fill their mind with varied thoughts. Thus most men and women develop their independent ideas and personalities only after entering their schools where they get liberty to wear fabrics.

No corporation want to cover a redundant employee. Yet some jobs like military and police needs uniform since they need only obeying the orders and no separate application of mind. Yet these uniformed individuals wear the dresses of the choices at their residence where every individual has separate thoughts while coping with their loved ones.

Some societies prescribe a uniform fabric for the women and men the people wearing traditional fabric of the society have traditional Ideas while tee individuals wearing western fabrics have western notions. There are particular dresses such as pant, shirt, and ties for guys which are almost common all around the world. All such folks who wear common fabrics also share common ideas and views.