E- Customer Service On The Web

Customer service on the Web can take may structures, for example, answering customer inquiries, giving search and examination capabilities, giving technical data to customers, permitting customers to follow order status, and of course permitting customers to place an online order. We describe these different sorts of Web-based customer services below.  One of the significant wishes of consumers is to discover what they need. With the hundreds of thousands of online stores, it is hard for a customer to discover what he or she needs, even inside a single electronic shopping center. Search and correlation capabilities are provided internally in large shopping centers (e.g Amazon), or by independent examination sites (mysimon, compare).

Giving Free Products and Services

One methodology companies use to differential themselves is to give something endlessly free. Compubank, for example, once offered free bill payments and ATM services. Companies can offer free samples over the Internet, just as free entertainment, customer education, and that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Giving Technical and Other Information and Service

Interactive experiences can be personalized to induce the consumer to focus on a purchase and remain steadfast phan mem hai quan dien tu. For example, General Electric’s Website provides detailed technical and maintenance data and sells replacement parts for discontinued models for those who need to fix outdated home appliances. Such data and parts are quite hard to discover offline. Another example is Goodyear, which provides data about tires and their use at goodyear. The capacity to download manuals and problem arrangements whenever is another development electronic customer service.

Permitting Customers to Order Customized Products and Service Online.

Dell Computer has revolutionized buying of computers by letting customers design computers and afterward delivering them to customers home. This mass customization process has been moved to the Internet, and now are used hundreds of vendors for items going from vehicles to shoes. Consumers are demonstrated prepackaged specials and are given the alternative to custom-form systems utilizing software design.

Other companies have discovered ways that are unique to their industries to offer customized items and services online. Websites, for example, gap permit you to blend and match you entire wardrobe. Personal sizes, shading and style preferences, dates for blessing shipment, etc, can be mixed and matched by customers, any way they like. This increases sales and the repeat business. Websites, for example, hitsquad, musicalgreetings, o surprise permit consumers to handpick singular titles from a library and customize a CD, a feature that is not offered in conventional music stores. Moment delivery of any digitized entertainment is a significant advantage of EC.