Factors That Can Determine The Outcome of Your Criminal Case

Whenever you’re charged of a criminal offense, the prosecution has to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. These cases are usually very serious, and have long lasting consequences on your life. Since the prosecution comes up with good arguments and facts to prove your guilt, you should also hire a good criminal defense lawyer after getting arrested in Los Angeles.

A good criminal defense lawyer can extract useful defenses from lots of things and events related to your case. Here are some facts that can literally determine the outcome of your criminal case.

Your Location

One of the biggest defenses you can use against the prosecution is challenging their claim of you being around the location of crime when it happened. If you successfully prove that you weren’t present at the scene of crime, this can literally save you from conviction. In this, you can take help from the eye witnesses.

Did You Engage in Unlawful Conduct?

If you weren’t seen by anyone while engaging in any unlawful conduct, the government will have to prove that you were, in some way, connected with the crime. If they can’t build a direct link between you and the crime, they will have to build a circumstantial case, which can be a lot harder to prove.

Did The Police Had a Warrant?

While a warrant isn’t needed under all circumstances, if the police arrested you without a warrant and seized your property. Then your testimony, and any evidence they got through that method might be considered inadmissible by the court.

There are lots of other factors you can use to defend against any charges put against you. However, since you aren’t a legal expert, only an experienced lawyer can help you under such circumstances.

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