Vyuham Telugu Movie Review

Vyuham is the epic thriller movie that will impress you and make you thrilled. This movie was firstly made in Malyalam and later Aha has dubbed it into telugu for the audience. There are many epic moments in the movie which are jaw dropping. There are many awards that this movie has won. This movie is just amazing with the craziest story. This movie is the story of the innocent and clueless young man who got stuck in thye murder case. This movie will teach you many things such as standing strong for what you believe no matter who is your opposite. The latest Telugu movies online are entertaining on aha. Watch Vyuham movie onlineon aha only.



This movie is the epic thriller and a suspense holder which entertains you till the last minute. So the story of Vyuham begins with Ajay who is a young man who works at a hotel, he has a very simple life that works and stays in the room. Everyday he visits the Chamundeshwari’s home to get idle’s to the hotel, it is the part of the job. Chamundeshwari treats Ajay to choose the heart. She is an old woman who doesn’t have a family, she has a very good reputation in the village and she treats people well with kindness. One night someone killed her and ran away. Hearing all her screams people go to her house, but by the time someone could save her, she dies. Everyone starts suspecting Ajay. actual police have the pressure to catch the criminal and submit him to the court that’s the reason they all corner and create false proofs against Ajay. they all torture him so much that Ajay accepsts the fault and goes to jail. After going to the court judge has appointed Haritha to help him out of this case, in the beginning she doesn’t want to take up the case but she finally decides to do it. Watch the movie to know if she could reveal the truth.

Technical Aspects:

  • Artists of the movie have just nailed the performance in every way. They created an intense situation while watching the movie and the audience could travel along with them. Talking of the Minisha just has won awards for it.
  • Vyuham has the most epic storyline. This movie is very fresh and has intensity in every frame for all the circumstances.
  • Vyuham is the best movie because of its main background score, it has given the tension to watch the movie. The whole movie was just more intense.
  • Editing and cinematography of the movie is just amazing where it showed all the details with clarity of expression.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Tovino Thomas

Actress: NimishaSajayan

Other Actress: AnuSithara

Director: Madhupal

Producer: T. S. Udayan, A. S. Manoj

Writer: Jeevan Job Thomas

Music Director: Ouseppachan

Cinematographer: NoushadShereef

Editor: V. Sajan

Other Information:

Release Date: 25Th December 2020

Running Time: 143 mins

Genre: Thriller

Available On: Aha

The latest Telugu movies online are entertaining on aha. Watch Vyuham movie online on aha only.